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Miles and Derek from Corona Seeds at the 2017 SBD Summer Trials in Maxwell.


Listed are events which we will be attending and think is important to highlight. Current and past events will be shown.

Southern Seed Association 1-17-20 to 1-20-20 Savannah, GA
DGA Winter Meeting 1-22-20 to 1-24-20 Lake Buena Vista
Pacific Seed Association 1-22-20 to 1-24-20 Scottsdale, AZ
ASTA Veg and Flower Meeting 2-1-20 to 2-4-20 Monterey, CA
California Seed Association 3-8-20 to 3-11-20 Santa Barbara, CA
2020 California Spring Trials Cancelled/Virtual Tours California
IEOSA Annual 6-15-2 to 6-17-20 McCall, ID
ASTA Policy and Leadership Cancelled Indianapolis, IN
Cultivate 2020 Virtual Conference Columbus, OH
DGA Summer Meeting 8-10-20 to 8-12-20 Chicago, IL
California Vegetable Trials 8-3-20 to 8-14-20 California
IGC Show 8-11-20 to 8-13-20 Chicago, IL
New York Vegetable Trials 8-25-20 to 8-26-20 New York
California Seed Association Mid Year 8-29-20 to 8-30-20 Monterey, CA
GardenComm Annual Conference & Expo 8-29-20 to 8-30-20 Williamsburg, VA
AAS, NGB, and HGSA Summer Summit & Trials Postponed until 9-8-21 to 9-11-21 Vancouver, BC
Atlantic Seed Association 10-9-20 to 10-11-20 Washington, DC
IEOSA Winter Meeting 12-3-20 to 12-4-20 Bosie, ID