Brassica oleracea Kale


Kale Siberian is an extremely hardy rapid growing crop! This kale is a showstopper with huge, curled feather-shaped leaves and a stunning bluish-green hue.  Size-wise, it is a non-heading 12-16 inches plant. The South is quite fond of this crop, as it is used for both cooking and stock feed. Though it is grown in both the Spring and Fall, we suggest waiting for fall as some frost will improve the tenderness! 

  • 50 to 60 days to maturity.
  • Seed Count: 136000
  • Height: 12-18 Inches
  • Spread: 12-16 Inches

Characteristics & Attributes

Federal Min Germ
KALE SIBERIAN Brassica oleracea Kale from Seeds by Design