Cucurbita pepo Pumpkin


These cutesy hybrids were created for the ornamental mini pumpkin market but also have excellent edible qualities. Bumpkin has a semi bush plant habit with excellent yield potential. Fruit are larger and smoother than Jack Be Little with dark orange skin and strong dark green handles. Gooligan is a Baby Boo hybrid vines are vigorous and provide excellent cover plants set high numbers of unique white pumpkins. Hooligan is a bicolored Jack Be Little hybrid with orange and white mottled fruit. Grow Bumpkin Gooligan and Hooligan for a great novelty mixture.

  • 65 days to maturity.
  • Seed Count: 3200

Characteristics & Attributes

Federal Min Germ
PUMPKIN HYBRID - MINI HARVEST F1 Cucurbita pepo Pumpkin from Seeds by Design